After all the detestation and unwillingness; you have finally accepted the fact that your “now-old” pet dog is suffering with CHF (Congestive heart failure); a common problem with aged pets. However, the good news is that although heart failure cannot be cured, it can be managed with medications like vetmedin for dogs, a healthy diet and others to ensure a happy, comfortable and longer life span for your precious furry friend.

Love and Care

So, this is what you need to do to ensure proper care for your pet.

  1. Limiting the amount of salt in the dog’s diet is a critical change you need to bring, as increased salt intake often leads to water retention, which eventually worsens the pet’s condition. Home-made low salt food can be occasionally substituted with low salt pet foods available in super markets.
  2. Observing the pet is a must to prevent any problem from hitting the pet. Keep a check on his behavior, appetite, heart rate and others as recommended by the vet. Visit the vet on observing any kind of change.
  3. Go for re-evaluations as directed by the vet. Do not avoid these in the belief that your pet is doing fine. Regular evaluation of health is a must.
  4. Although reluctance to exercise, lethargy and others are common in pets suffering from CHF, mild exercise is essential to keep “Fido” fit.

Teaming up all these things with appropriate medication will certainly show a remarkable difference in your pet’s comfort, health and lifespan. You can order the medicines at Petrx2go; your own online vet meds store.

vetmedin for dogs

Finally, nothing can cure any problem better than love and affection. So, while you shower the love your pet requires, Petrx2go will take care of the medicines.

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