There is nothing more painful than watching your four-legged beloved in pain. It hurts when your fur-child can’t move around with ease. No exercises work, and not enough diet cures him better. May be, he is suffering from osteoarthritis. And that is a deadly condition to fight. What to do now?

Learning that your pet has suddenly lost the activeness, that he had once, can be immensely alarming and heartbreaking. You take him to the veterinarian, got him into plenty of exercise, and feed him the best and most nutritious diet, yet the charm is gone and the pet in distress can’t really go back to what he was.

Arthritis, it is - the health condition in dogs which makes the cartilage within the joints to undergo changes and get damaged. It makes the bones less smooth and results in rough bone surfaces to rub against each other. This is not only painful and uncomfortable for the dogs, it is highly possible to cause permanent damage to cartilage. Solution? Previcox chewable tablets for dogs is the best prescribed pain medicine to treat such a painful condition.

Previcox chewable tablets for dogs

What is Previcox for dogs?

Previcox is a prescription painkiller that veterinarians recommend most widely for dogs suffering from inflammation, pain, and other related conditions. It is chewable, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID) that is among the most common treatment for dogs suffering from canine osteoarthritis.

How do NSAIDs work?

Previcox, being an NSAID, is safe to be prescribed for dogs to treat and control joint pain and to manage and prevent post-surgical pain. It is even recommended to prevent post-surgical pain.

These NSAIDs block the effects of specific enzymes, specifically Cox-1 and Cox-2 enzymes, thereby reducing the production of prostaglandins. That’s how the level of pain, inflammation, and fever (if any) is reduced.

Benefits of Previcox

There are several benefits of prescribing Previcox to dogs. Here are few of them:

a) Pain is reduced

Dogs can’t express pain the way we humans do. They either shut down totally from daily activities, or stop eating properly, or both. If you see your pet showing any signs of physical distress, accept the fact that he is in pain. Previcox helps in relieving pain and shows results effectively as the dog gets back to daily action soon.

b) Helps in increasing mobility

As your dog gets relieved of the pain, the mobility will automatically be back to normal. The main issue of mobility is due to inflammation, which leads to the pain and the pet’s inability to move around freely. Once the pain is reduced, the mobility gets back to normal.

c) Fast action in reducing pain

The tablets are chewable, act fast and deliver pain-relieving effects at the shortest period of time.

d) Can be given with or without food

The medicine can be given with the food, and even without it. The effect remains the same, without causing any adverse effects.

e) Suitable for dogs that weigh more than 12.5 pounds

The medicine can be prescribed for any dog that is more than 12.5 pounds (5.67 kg) in weight. So, you can order Previcox chewable tablets for dogs like Australian Terriers, Bichons Frises and Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.

f) Comes with a BBQ flavor

With a tempting BBQ flavor, it becomes easier with the dose of the medicine to be given to the dog.

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