Unlike humans, you cannot just pop a pill in your pet’s mouth to treat pain and inflammation. NSAID’s must be administered to them on the advice of a qualified veterinarian only. Here’s how NSAID’s can help improve the quality of life of a pet.

Novox for dogs

Much like humans, even dogs suffer from pain in a variety of situations, including post surgery, injury, Osteoarthritis etc. However, relieving the canine of acute pain is not as simple as it is in humans. You can walk down to a drug store and pop a Tylenol or Motrin for pain relief. Conversely, pain relief drugs for dogs cannot be administered without the order of a qualified and reputed veterinarian. Yes, veterinary medicine offers a host of drugs like Novox for dogs, Rimadyl etc for management of pain and inflammation.  However, none of these can be administered without a vet’s advice. For, just popping the pill in the canine’s mouth can lead to serious issues.

It is therefore important for pet parents to understand the details of these drugs, which fall under the umbrella of NSAID’s.

More about NSAID’s

NSAID’s are better known as Non Steroidal Anti Inflammatory Drugs. These drugs primarily inhibit the production of prostaglandins, which are the primary cause for pain and inflammation. They therefore, control inflammation and pain caused due to surgical intervention, arthritis etc.

Despite knowing the names of popular NSAID’s and the function they serve, never pop it in your dog’s mouth. For; the animal systems work differently than human systems.

Need for NSAID’s

However, when do the pets require anti-inflammatory drugs?

Here are the different situations in which a canine would require NSAID’s.

  • When the canine suffers with an infection caused as a result of animal bites, wounds etc.
  • Joint pains, Osteoarthritis and other painful situations.  
  • After a surgery
  • To treat swelling resulting from surgical intervention
  • Allergies of any kind
  • Swelling caused to injury of any kind.

In any of these cases, discuss the use of NSAID’s with your vet and relieve your pet from its suffering.

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