Pet dogs and cats are more than just adorable, four-legged creatures. Pets are family members, who have a special place in the pet owner’s heart and home. It seems wonderful to own a pet. For pets play many roles from a dedicated, loyal family member, to a friend, caretaker and companion. Thanks to all these roles played by them, seeing them sad or ill is one of the most distressing things for pet owners. What adds to the stress is their inability to voice their problems, illnesses and pains. It is up to the pet owner to understand their woes, visit the veterinarian and resort to timely and appropriate treatment.

Pet owners therefore, need professional companions like vets and vet medicine providers to ensure proper care of their beloved pets. As the pets are as precious as any of the other family members, it is important for these companions to be trustworthy.

You should be able to trust your pets with them.


One such trustworthy companion is Petrx2go.

Similar to human beings, pets also undergo a number of illnesses, like the common cough, allergies and more. Moreover, the trend of pet care is changing aggressively from cure to prevention. So, vets are now prescribing vitamins and other medicines to ensure good health and prevention against diseases. Buying medicines is therefore a regular for pet owners.

Online pet medicine providers have made it easy for pet owners to get the medicines at their doorstep on the click of a button. However, there are some unscrupulous medicine providers, who offer cheap medicines, which are often expired or fake. Such medicines can cost you your pet’s health. Petrx2go is a licensed Vet-VIPPS® certified pharmacy, we can legally dispense your pet's prescriptions with a veterinarians authorization. All prescription products on Petrx2go are identified by a red Rx to the left of the product name. Those not identified by an Rx can be ordered without a prescription. Just logon and order the medicines, we'll obtain the vet’s prescriptions, and they will soon be delivered at your doorstep.

Company information

We offer medications for various illnesses ranging from allergies, cough, congestive heart disease and more. Petrx2go understands the importance of pet care. We sell the same exact medications sold by your veterinarian, and we do not sell expired or foreign medications. All of our products are American (USDA or FDA approved) and are shipped from within the United States. What’s more, the medicines are delivered conveniently to your doorstep, without the need for you to run out of your home every time you need pet medicines.  

Let us help to keep your pets happy and healthy.